Please help me pick a new monitor!

I have poor eyesight. The Samsung Syncmaster I use with my Mac currently is on its last leg with tons of vertical lines passing through it but it has been a great monitor for reading with flux installed. The other monitor that I primarily use for my gaming pc is an Acer S231HL. I'm wanting to upgrade both, but I have four or five monitors to choose from and I honestly don't know which would be better. I am wanting one monitor to use for heavy reading, video and photo editing on my Mac and the other monitor to be used for games such as BF4, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, AC: Syndicate, etc.. so a monitor that can handle those games on decent settings is also needed (I have an OC'd 2500k cpu and a 980 ti card, if that helps).

My budget is under $300 for one monitor (if I can simply replace the Samsung with the Acer or manually swap monitors out if I'm not multitasking) or $500 for two monitors. I'm trying to get a monitor while cyber week is happening or any other sales.

The monitors I'm currently looking at are the
25" Acer G257HU
24" BenQ RL2460HT
24" BenQ XL2411Z
24" Dell U2415

I'm also willing to look at other monitors. I'm not wanting a very large display since I'm used to 23" monitors. I think 27" would be my max and 24" would be my minimum on size.
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    I would go for the Acer G257HU 25" model, because it has IPS, lesser response time(4ms, yes I considered the BenQ RL2460HT which has 1ms response time but no IPS) than others, impeccable resolution for the price and with HDMI, Display Port and DVI. Not to mention built-in speaker, which really doesn't matter, but still for the price it's a pretty good deal!
    Go for it! :)
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