Memtest wiped my hdd, how can i reclaim all my space? + blue screening on windows 10

In advance sorry for spelling,
i am on windows 10 and for a few days i have been having problems with my pc regarding gaming as either my monitor would just turn off or i would blue screen and my pc would have to be shut down manually, this occured just as i was about to spawn into the game after loading, so i looked through some forums and found people suggesting to use a program called memtest86 (or image USB, i cant remember) and so i downloaded this. When i launched it up i wasnt to sure what it did but i thought it checks if your ram was good for gaming, so i accepted what it said and started downloading what the program had selected. Stupidly, it wiped my 1TB hdd and left only 48mb, it also created a disc drive with containing files i cant open .

In shock, i looked up how to reclaim this space. I was told to go onto image USB where i had first lost all my space on my hdd and i "zeroed" my hdd drive, i was then meant to reformat it which it initially gave me the option t do, but i thought i should eject and re insert my hdd drive in just before i reformatted it but when i inserted it back in my pc wouldnt recognize it anywhere. I went on to disk management and i found the drive that was unnamed but i could not reformat it, initialize it, or assign a letter to it... im stuck as i cant do anything with it. Thanks and sorry if i un clearly explained things, please ask if you are unsure if something, thanks
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  1. SOLVED about my hard drive, i have all my space. although, i would still like to know what the cause is of my blue screeinng
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