New Build, PC sometimes incredibly slow

Hi all. I just built a new PC and installed Win10 from optical disk. The problem is that about 50% of the time when I turn it on, it boots fine and then is incredibly slow. The start menu will take ~10 seconds to appear, right clicking the desktop takes a while, and most apps won't even open at all. It doesn't get better if I leave it for an hour. The other 50% of the time, everything works lightning fast after a boot, which is what confuses me.

I have run system filechecker, it found some problems and said it fixed them, but the problem persists. Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this would be appreciated!
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  1. pc specs?
  2. i5 4690K
    MSI z97s Krait Edition mboard
    4x4gb Avexir Raiden RAM
    Asus GTX970 4gb
    Corsair RMi 750 psu
    Samsung 500gb 850 EVO ssd
    Seagate 2TB hdd

    Windows is installed on the ssd, most apps are installed on the hdd.
  3. windows 10? what programs do you have running on startup? i had an issue causing random hangs like this with the temp monitoring programs i needed for my widgets. just got rid of them and everything works fine.

    but it could be a startup program hanging.
  4. I think that was it! Removed cpuTemp from startup and haven't seen the issue since, thanks!
  5. glad to help!
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