Windows 10 black screen (blank) cold boot or waking up from long sleep.

I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. At first everything is working smoothly and fine. I can play games and browse without problems. Booting properly.

But when I switched my old monitor (1366x768) to a new monitor (1680x1050).
This black screen problem started.

At first from cold boot, it'll run fine from bios to loading screen of windows 10 but then it will turn black (like monitor out of range type of black). It seems like the monitor have no power, then i try turning off and on the monitor. The login screen display will flash only for 2-3 seconds then it will turn black again.

I need to wait for maybe 3-5 minutes (with my monitor turned off) and then turn it on before it works fine again.

Sorry not a native english speaker*

Any fix for this issue? Thanks.
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  1. Scan windows 10 for errors with reggenie.

    by the way here's the actual video of what's happening.
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