No display after replacing GPU Mobo and Psu

Just installed the Strix R9 390 along with a new mobo and 750w psu... The system seems to boot fine by the look and sounds of the components, but im getting no display feed, i assume its a driver problem but i dont know how to go about fixing it, ive double and triple checked all connections and compatibility... Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I can't see it being a driver issue as even without the manufacturer's driver any graphics card should still work if connected properly (though with limited performance of course) - - else how would you be able to install it's driver in Windows if you couldn't see anything?

    Maybe you need to run the monitor off the on-board graphics adapter temporarily whilst you switch over from "integrated" to "PCI Express" like I had to do on my ASRock board?
  2. It Might be a Underpowered GPU or try reseting the BIOS see if that fix ?

    Does i even POST or Show your MotherBoard Brand , During power on ?
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