how to create an iso image of pre-installed windows 10 in laptop for format and clean install

Hi i have a new lenovo laptop G50-80 comes with windows 10 home single language but the problem is my laptop running slow and i want to format and clean install windows 10 my self without loosing my original windows 10 so i want an iso image of my windows 10 so how to make an iso image of windows 10 in laptop but please don't tell me recover your windows,restore your windows or factory reset windows because i tried everything but nothing was happening and also you can tell me contact your lenovo vendor so please don't. but yeah i am ready to loose everything but i don't want to loose my original windows 10 so please give solution for this problem,i am waiting for your response,yes my question is so weird but please give me solution for this problem.
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    I use EASEUS for all this things, you can get it in the manufacturer web page with a 30 days free trial.
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