Weird boot issue with my PC

My PC has this weird issue, I bought a new WD 2Tb hard drive and installed Windows 10 on it. When I turned it off everything was ok, but when i turned it on again it started up, started booting, showed the Windows logo, but no dots circling around and after a few seconds it turns completely off. Then i try to turn it on again for the second time and it boots normally in to the OS and works perfectly. Now every time I turn it off, the next time i turn it on again it does the same, I press the power button, it gets to the Windows logo and shuts down and I have to turn it on again for it to boot properly into the OS.
I have no Idea if this is a problem with the HDD or the PSU or the Windows installation. Can someone help or suggest something?
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  1. Sounds like the hybrid boot isn't working correctly. You can try disabling the hybrid/fast boot option
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    Welcome to the community, Marko!

    I'm really sorry to hear about your booting issues with the WD 2 TB HDD. I'd recommend you to try booting from the Windows installation media and see if your system will start up normally then.
    Another thing you should check is the SATA and power connections to the drive, make sure everything is plugged properly. If you have a spare SATA cable, I'd even try swapping them or at least the SATA ports on the motherboard.
    If you can boot successfully into Windows, you should test the drive using WD's Data LifeGuard Diagnostic to check up on the health and SMART status. Here's a link to the software, just make sure you run both the QUICK and the EXTENDED tests:

    Keep me posted with the troubleshooting!
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