Multi reply , single reply & edit button needed for mobile forum

This tomshardware forum (mobile version). I had difficulties replying to multiple poster or single poster. It neded an option buttun to reply to a particular person. Must have quote and multi quote button. Oh yeah, i forgot also must have the edit button to edit your/user post
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  1. Yeah, sorry that the mobile layout is less than stellar. We know we're pretty behind on the mobile scene and it's something we're hoping to address. One of our design focuses going forward is to make the mobile site a lot more usable for everybody. It's not going to be a fast process but it's something that Purch has committed to. Trial runs of redesigns have been conducted with Tom's Guide and I presume (not 100% sure on this) that an eventual successful launch there will lead to improvements and mobile optimizations being brought over to Tom's Hardware.
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