Monitor randomly blinking on and off, searched forums couldn't find anything that worked.

Hey guys i'm in a pickle, i literally just bought a brand new graphics card it's a GTX 750ti
i installed driver 355.82
connected with dvi and hdmi and the cords have both been tested on other devices and worked perfectly fine
it's just a monitor random flicking that goes black, the monitor itself is perfectly fine the operating system is windows vista ultimate will upgrade to 8.1 when the computer flickering stops
monitor is running at 60hz
the integrated graphics works perfectly fine with no stutter, i'm not sure what the problem is,
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    Try reinstalling the drivers. Install ddu and click clean and shutdown for new graphics card. Take the 750 ti out and clean for dust. Then place it back, boot the computer up, and go to nvidia's website and download the latest drivers.
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