Should I sell my pc and build a new one or just upgrades?

Hello guys, I wanna ask if should I sell my PC that I build almost 2yrs ago or should just upgrades some part of it? The spec is...

Cpu:4670k oc @4.4ghz
Gpu:msi r9 280x
Ram:corsair vengeance pro 2x4gb
Mobo: msi z87 g45
Storage: 64gb corsair neutron for OS and 1tb western digital cavier black for GAMES
Psu: corsair gs 600w
Cpu cooler: corsair h90
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  1. Your cpu and motherboard will still last for several more years. I would keep it and just upgrade it. Looks like you need a bigger ssd and probably a better psu. Then you could get a better video card.
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