AMD A10 7850K Apu Integrated graphics useage - switch on? switch off?

Hi all, question about my APU

Current setup:-

Asrock FM2A78-HD+ mobo
AMD A10 7850K apu (corsair water cooled, oc`d to 4.2ghz)
MSI Geforce GTX760 OC Twin Frozr Gpu
1TB Seagate HDD (changing soon to ssd drive)
8Gb single stick of Team DDR3 1600Mhz)
650W Cronus Modular psu

When i first sampled the 8 x gpu cores of this new chip i played sim city 2013, gameplay was shocking and un-useable though i suspect i may have done something wrong with my settings, being a newbie in this type of thing i wouldnt be surprised.

I really expected it to be all walking talking singing dancing.

So i upgraded to a GTX760 oc, gameplay is superb with this.

1.) Should i keep my 8 gpu cores disabled on the APU (aswell as the asrock onboard GPU) or will the apu performance improve if i enable them???

2.) If im using a dedicated gpu will these 8 gpu cores actually get used for anything? will they help the apu run faster?

Thanks in advance for your expert advice
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  1. 1. The CPU part of the APU will not be influenced by enabling/disabling the integrated graphics. I would keep it disabled to keep them from being detected in windows and require software install while you are not using it. Your motherboard doesn't have integrated graphics onboard, I assume you are referring to the APU graphics.
    2. If you use an AMD GPU you could crossfire it with the APU, though sometimes it is not really worh the trouble doing so. This especially since you have slow 1600 mhz ram, for the APU to really shine you need to use high speed ram 2133 or 2400 mhz.
  2. Thanks so much for clearing that up, could you please take a look at my thread in the memory section? i would value your opinion on that too?
  3. The answer is simple.

    Your using a single stick of 8gb 1600mhz ram.

    Kaveri thrives on 2400mhz in dual channel.

    The "sweet spot" is 2133mhz.

    Recommend buying 2x4gb @2133 mhz or better "2400mhz"

    You will see an instant boost....that is.

    Last note is your mother board does not support 2400mhz or at least 2133mhz.

    Recommend doing research before buying and installing parts.

    I have built 3 PCs as of late using the a10 7850k and this cpu rocks

    and more just using the cpu and no dedicated gpu.

    How ever I do use or have used the R9 270x & R9 280/x alongside the cpu with improvements.
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