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Start10 - Should I really keep on using default windows 10 start button?

So I have wanted to customize my windows 10 alittle bit lately so it looks good, however I noticed that windows 7 's start button looks good if i also made the taskbar more transparent. however both of win 10 start button and win 7 looks perfect. and i can't really choose, maybe help me out? thanks! :D
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    The Windows 10 start button is a well-designed piece of UI, and is quite customizable too - you can expand it both horizontally or vertically, you can completely remove the Tiles section (Windows 8-like menu), and you can select what appears on it. It's also attractive, heralding a somewhat muted return of the frosted glass-like transparency of Windows's Aero design. I have since stopped using Start Menu replacement software, and I'll stick to this Start Menu.
  2. I agree!
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