Stutter in game at high FPS.

I have been experiencing stutter in most of my games at high fps for the past year , ever since i got my pc and have tried different ways of sorting it out including upgrading hardware and trying different in-game settings eg. v sync on or off. None of that seems to work so earlier I checked my latency speeds using dpc latency checker and latencymon and these are the results

These results are not as I expected as I my pc is quite a high spec
my setup:
-amd fx 8350
-Asus gtx 770
-asus m5a78l-usb3
-1tb blue sata HD
-600w OCZ Modxstream PSU
-8gb corsair vengeance
- Monitor : Lg E2442v - (5ms response time which I have heard is fine for gaming )

I have monitored all temps using Hw monitor and gpu-z all is fine, I have ran numerous different versions of windows , windows 7 , 8 and 10,( I am currently running windows 10) and the stutter has been there on all windows but it seems to have got a bit worse on windows 10.

The stutter appears on most games at high fps (with or without v-sync or triple buffering) with v-sync on the games only stutter when the fps drops below 60 , if it is consistently 60 then it is usually okay but it hardly ever is.
Examples of games with the stutter:
- Borderlands 2
-Far cry 3/4
-The witcher 3

Games without stutter:
-Mortal kombat X
-fifa 15

I have also checked to see if there is anything running in the background which could affect the games but there isn't. It could be a hardware issue but since getting my pc I have upgraded the CPU, GPU ,RAM so that leaves the HD motherboard and PSU. If anyone could help me with a solution to get rid of the stutter or reduce the latency that would be so great as this issue has been bothering me for quite some time now.

Update: latencyMon is now saying this after running gta V for a while:

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  1. Hey dude I have the same problem with a new gaming pc what I built last week have you found a solution yet ?
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