Computer Has Been Acting Weird 3 Weeks After Installing Windows 10

Hello, I have been having a really weird probably after installing windows 10. About 3 weeks after the install my corsair vengeance volume wouldn't move and then my pc randomly switched to the tv speakers even though the heaphones were the selected device. In the middle of all that my mouse froze even though it was still on. I had to unplug them but it still dint do anything. I reinstalled windows 10 off my usb stick and exactly 3 weeks later it happened again. Its very weird and some of these things were happening in windows 8 too. Im wondering if this could be my new gtx 970 because this started happening right when i bought it. Thank you in advance.
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    It could be your graphics card and HDMI audio-related issues. Use Display Driver Uninstaller to completely remove all traces of your previous graphics drivers:

    Then install the latest Windows 10-compatible drivers for your GTX 970 here:
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