My GPU probably just died. Upgrade?

Hey everyone,

So I built my first PC nearly 2 years ago and its been running great. All of the parts were new, that is, except for the graphics card. I picked up my graphics card (GeForce GTX 470) used at a Bookman's (local used book/movie/game exchange) for $150.00. Since then, its been functioning really well!

I just ran into a problem, however, while playing a game. My screen went black and I heard some random noises. Both the DVI and HDMI outs of my GPU don't produce a signal and my GPU doesn't show up in the Device Manager. I tried updating the drivers, but no corresponding hardware was detected in the GeForce updater. I cleaned out some dust, but I can still only manage to get a signal from my motherboard's built in graphics adapter.

Fans are still spinning, by the way.

So, I will be testing out my GPU in my brother's pc, but should I purse in troubleshooting my card, or just cut my losses and get an upgrade?

There is no telling how old the card was when I bought it and for $150.00 I feel that I have gotten my money's worth out of it. It's been handling a lot of last year's games on relatively high settings pretty well. However, I am a full-time college student that will probably be unemployed once school starts again and dropping some cash on a shiny new card would be a heavy blow, especially if it isn't just the card at fault (but probably is). But if it would be a considerable investment, then I might be intrigued.

What do you guys think? Any other way to troubleshoot my PC without reseating hardware randomly? I'll post my specs and who knows, maybe someone has a better card in mind that would fit my system better than this one.


Windows 7 Home Premium
MSI MS-7721 motherboard
AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 4100 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
16.0 GB RAM
GeForce GTX 470 GPU (not detected)
600W PSU
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  1. Doesn't sound good. it sounds like its dead or at least on its way out. as per previous post check your drivers are up to date, if you have just installed new drivers, they could be the issue and you can try rolling back. I think testing the card in a different system (you mention your bothers) is a good idea, but could cause some driver conflicts on his machine unless you remove any drivers he has installed before hand...

    It could have just over heated, you mention that the fans are still spinning but is the inside of your box clean? you would be supprised the amount of issues i have seen from machines clogged with dust and hair. a quick vacuum clean might solve your issues.... also try to keep an eye on what temp the gpu is running at if it goes to high (105 is max recommended for your card) then somethings not quite right.

    but in all honestly recommend a replacement (not really an upgrade if its dead! although i guess anything would be and upgrade when starting from nothing)

    Hope that helps
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