My monitor can't display most resolutions after getting a new graphics card.

My monitor is a SyncMaster P2470HD and my graphics card is a GeForce GTX 760

With my old graphics card i was able to run 1920x1080 on my monitor but now if i try it just switches to the on board graphics card. Right now i'm running 1600x1200, it seems to be the highest working resolution.

Also on windows 7 i could run 1680x1050 but now on windows 10 that doesn't work.

The reason i think it's my monitor messing is that i had my pc checked at the place where i bought my graphics card and they had no issues using another monitor.

Is my monitor not compatible with my graphics card?
This has been annoying me for quite some time now.
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  1. have you gotten the latest drivers for you card?
  2. Robert Cook said:
    have you gotten the latest drivers for you card?

    Alright I forgot that i had just reset my pc so i downloaded the drivers and now i'm running 1680x1050 which is much better but still hasn't resolved my problem.

    In my Nvidia control panel under the resolution tab I have two lists with resolutions one called "PC" and one called
    "Ultra HD, HD, SD"
    The PC Lists highest resolution is 1680x1050, the other list has 1920x1080 but none of the resolutions from that list work.
    I'm using an HDMI cable.

    Might be completely useless information, I just don't know.
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