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I've read a lot of mixed opinions about watching a 1080p video on a 1440p monitor. Some say better quality, some say worse, and some say the same quality. So I hope you can clear that up for me. I was going to buy an ultrasharp U2515H (or maybe U2715H), but I guess I'll just buy a 1080p monitor if the quality of a 1080p content drops on a 1440p monitor (regardless gaming).

Thanks a lot in advance
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    If you want 1080p resolution, buy a good 1080p monitor. It will cost much less than a 1440p monitor. The only reason to buy a 1440p monitor and use it at 1080p, is if you're hardware isn't good enough to keep up with the resolution for now but you plan to upgrade to hardware in the near future that will be.

    1080p scaling on a 1440p monitor is poor in my opinion. Depending on the monitor, games might look ok, but everything else might look like crap.
  2. I'll get a 1080p one then. Can you suggest a good 27" monitor that deliver a high image quality?
  3. What is your budget? What will it mainly be used for?
  4. 400$, watching movies and gaming
  5. What is your GPU card model and do you have a preference on TN or IPS, and are you aiming for a specific refresh rate?
  6. I have a gtx 970. I don't like TN panels, I prefer IPS. No I'm not aiming for a specific refresh rate but 60hz Is ok.
  7. IPS makes it difficult to choose, I'll have to take a closer look. I'll get back to you tomorrow or you can take a look yourself. I'd go with something on this list:,3500&r=192001080&T=1,6&H=60,240&p=1&sort=a8&page=1
  8. It's ok, I can wait. I'll also take a look but I'm not good at this. So I hope you can tell me your opinion tomorrow.

    Thanks :)
  9. Just out of curiosity, is there a specific reason you want to use 1080p rather than 1440p. On a 27" monitor, 1440p is fantastic and you can adjust the size of most desktop text to a larger size if that's a problem for you. For gaming and watching movies, 1440p is WAY more attractive.
  10. Because my main use would be watching movies. I'll play some games but not like everyday, and I don't mind playing at 1080p. Also, as you said, 1080p scaling on a 1440p monitor is poor. And all the movies I watch are at 1080p. And actually, what made my consider buying a 1440p monitor in first place, is because I came across the u2515h while I was searching for a good quality 1080p monitor. :)
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