What Monitor should I get? (Gysnc or no) Is there anyway to avoid screen tearing besides Gsync and vsync with nvidia?


Currently Im planning on getting an Asus VS239H-P 23in IPS Panel for monitor 1 and for monitor 2 a BENQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM 24in.

(There both 1080p and 60hz)

However I am willing to trade 2 monitors for 1 gsync monitor but I dont want to spend more than $400 for any monitor setup.

Im currently looking ACER XB240H Abpr 24in Gsync at 1080p but Ive heard its the worst of the gsync compatible monitors.

Is there any way I could avoid Screen Tearing without using Vsync (bad) or Gsync (expensive) using a NVidia card?

I plan on buying a gtx 960 or 970.
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    With a nvidia card you are limited to Vsync or Gsync. AMD cards offer FreeSync.
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