Looking for a hardcore gaming IPS monitor with Lots of screen realistate with pixels please.

I need something to game on. I want it to be big like 27"+ it has to be ips and it has to be low response time like 4ms and higher than 1080p. my budget is 500$
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    If you are North american, you can buy great korean ips monitors on relatively cheap with 14-days return policy.
    Check the Yamakasi Catleap.

    Otherwise you can still but korean monitors on e-bay, mind the custom taxes though.

    If you cannot / don't want to buy a korean monitor.

    A bit higher than you budget, the best choice if you have an AMD GPU supporting Freesync:

    Otherwise, the best choice is this:

    All of the above are flicker free, have great color presets and contrast, have great responce times and are delay free.
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