Dual arm mount but 1 monitor's VESA height is higher.

I have this dual arm mount:

I have the LG 22EA53VQ-P monitor (21.5 inch), the holes for the VESA are pretty much in the middle. Picture here:

And now I've got a used LG M2252D (21.5 inch) to the second arm:

One problem though, the VESA holes are placed higher. So they are not lining up properly right now. Is there an 'easy' fix for that? How to make them the same height? I can't make one arm higher than the other.
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  1. Unfortunately, it seems like you bought the wrong dual monitor arm. I don't see an easy fix for that.
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    A quick thought of mine is:

    Find some sort of aluminium vertical rails I can screw into the monitor's VESA holes. Then work something out from there. Will be interesting to see if I can make something out of this. Really dissapointed that I found a proper monitor to use as a second but now it looks a bit stupid with two different heights.

    Any creative thoughts are welcome.
  3. Or, a wood or alu/steel platform, with 8 holes.
    4 for the monitor, and 4 for the mount. Measured and drilled to make the monitor height match the other one.
  4. Indeed, I'll try to see what I can make of it. Quite some things I could try actually.
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