Will a DVI-A to VGA adapter work connected to an HDMI to DVI-D adapter connected to my graphics card.

I'm a pc noob, and I am pretty sure I just bought a dvi-d to hdmi adapter not knowing if it would work or not. Considering I bought it from radioshack (going out of business with 50% off). My goal is to use a really old monitor for a dual display. My first monitor, the one I use, was somewhat old as well, and I was forced to use a dvi-a to vga adapter. Now, seeing this other monitor is old, I thought to use the same method. However, the graphics card only has one dvi-I port, so I thought to buy a dvi-d to hdmi adapter and use that with a dvi-a to vga adapter.

Long story short, it doesn't work. I just want to know if it can.
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    So the monitor has a VGA input, and you have connected the HDMI to the card, VGA to the monitor, and the two DVI's together.

    If that is the case, no, it won't work. VGA is an analog signal, whereas DVI-D and HDMI are digital. There is no analog signal in HDMI, so no input to the monitor.
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