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My Graphics card is AMD Radeon R9 270, And i have two monitors hooked up to it.

Both Monitors are Samsung S22C150 (VGA inputs/outputs)

The primary one is hooked on a (DVI-I to VGA) or (VGA to DVI-I)
The secondary one has (VGA to HDMI Adapter Converter) as displayed on this picture.

Well here's the issue I've been having.
The secondary monitor after i unplug it from the graphics card and plug it back in it works for approximately (2-5 Minutes).
But then it starts to flicker, and loses signal at the end (CHECK SIGNAL CABLE).
I move it around (VGA Cable) and it does show some flickering on the monitor, but it mostly gets it to be fully black then.

I Heard that the temperature could also be an issue where the fans start to cool the GPU & CPU,
and uses some amount of voltage that could resort in a high power consumption?
So i tried the method of just leaving it not doing anything and all normal with the temperatures, But still same problem.

Could it be a Bad VGA Cable ? Or the Adapter Converter?
I've had the VGA Cable around a year now, and the Adapter Converter for 6-8 Months.
Keep in mind nothing is actually happening with the primary monitor, the primary monitor works without any problems,
it's just the secondary monitor that's doing this,
so I don't think that the reasons could be high power consumption or a graphics card failure.

Anyway anyone could help?
Would really appreciate it!

Kind Regards
Robert / Painkiller
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  1. as only the second monitor has that issue then that monitor is the problem. to confirm it replace the primary monitor with the secondary monitor using the primary's cable & adapter as you know they are good. if still flickers then the secondary has a problem with either it's power board or it's video controller.
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    Well i tried switching the cables and same results,
    The primary monitor was flickering and losing signal (CHECK SIGNAL CABLE),
    The secondary was alright when this was happening to the primary one.
    So I don't think it's the graphics card since it's recognizing still both monitors.

    So it's not the VGA Cable nor the Monitor, Looks like it's the HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter.

    I heard those things die quickly and that's why Display Port was invented after on.
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