Monitor Acting Really strange, Need help figuring Out whats wrong!

So I have a monitor thats 1080p Samsung. This monitor works with an xbox but does not 'recognise' my pc when its connected to it via DVI or HDMI. My PC works perfectly with another crappy monitor (1440x900) using a HDMI cable.

I'm fairly confident it isn't a hardware issue inside my pc as nearly all my parts are new, except my graphics card (it does the same thing with both graphics cards I have) so I doubt its that.

Anyone got any ideas on what the problem is?
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  1. Have you tried using the onboard GPU?
  2. Yes and its not a fix, I'm out of ideas for hardware issues.

    Do I have to buy a new monitor because I'm kinda broke at the minute.
  3. Could be the cable.
  4. im using same cable for both monitors and tried 2 different cables on the one that didnt work
  5. ZeusGamer said:
    Could be the cable.

    I found an old thread where people seem to have the same problem here:

    I have no idea what all these ideas could do for me butI'm gonna try a lot of things in the morning because I am convinced its some sort of resolution/driver compatibility thing. Had PC troubles for the past week and its getting really really tiresome.
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