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Hey-o, fellow PCMR brothers!

Some of you may remember an old fan-made Steam group that we had in the past, which had largely fallen through the cracks and became an afterthought.

Well, no more!

The group has now been transferred over into the hands of the Community Team and should now be considered an official Tom's Hardware-approved Steam group! There are big things in store for the future, as we intend to hold community events and giveaways for our PC-gamer crowd through this Steam group.

We'll also do some light curating, recommending games based on editorial picks from the Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide editorial team at first and moving on from there.

Anyway, if you're active on Steam, head on over and join the group! It'll be a great way to engage with other community members, make some new friends, or just find somebody to game with!

I'd also love to get some suggestions on the kinds of games you'd like to see being given away—because that's definitely a thing we'll be doing! Indie, AAA, if it's on Steam, we're happy to give them out as contest prizes or just because! So feel free to suggest some titles in this thread; you never know, you might wind up winning a game on your wishlist!

Assistant Community Manager, Tom's Hardware / Tom's Guide
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  1. It's the same old group right? Was already a member. As for title suggestions look at my sig
  2. Same group, new management :)
  3. Well now that its official, I've decided to bring myself upto speed on that group ;)

    I've been playing Infinite Crisis and just a few days I got an email stating it has officially launched on Steam. Its about time I checked it out.
  4. Joined. Wouldn't have my (working) rig without this site
  5. Joined
  6. Joined.
  7. Joined
  8. Joined.....
  9. Joined :)
  10. joined!
  11. I would very much like to review dota 2 and some games if possible though my skills aren't top notch if possible leave me a message. I go by the name road to 1 mmr
  12. I'm in!
  13. Nice!

    I joined as well.

  14. Joined,

    as bullets4YOface.

    P.S. I play dota 2, so add me as friend!
  15. This is awesome, All group member is too cooperative.
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