think my video card may be dying i get transparent horizontal lines

i get these transparent horizontal lines when scrolling up and own on my web browser and when playing video gams and im not sure if its my video card for my computer monitor

video card radeon asus 7790 1gb
monitor asus vs248h-p
i recorded a twitch stream at the 37 minute mark i see it at the very bottom of the screen but i think i see it alot less on the video
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  1. There is a possibility it is on its way out.

    Do you get the lines in game? It can also be caused by overheating.
  2. If you see the video rendering artifacts in your recorded streams, then the glitches - at least those you recorded - definitely come from the GPU itself.

    It could be a sign that it is dying, or overheating as Matt said. GPUs should be fine with temperatures at least up to 80C (unless overclocked, factory or otherwise) and if it is overheating, you might be able to make issues go away with extra airflow around the GPU. If your case has an unpopulated side-panel fan cut-out, you might want to relocate one of your fans there on maximum speed to see if it makes any difference.
  3. Totally remove and then reinstall the drivers first, because they can cause issues like this occasionally. But, even saying that it's most likely the GPU is damaged, this sort of damage is generally caused by overheating. Some cards have manufacturing errors that make them more prone to dying prematurely from heat and you might just have one.
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