Radeon 270x in an Aspire TC-605

To start with, forgive me for I am not a computer guru. I don't know all the technical names that go to all of the cables and ports.
I just went to Best Buy today and picked up an Aspire TC-605, a new power supply, and a Radeon 270x. When I got home and tried installing the new graphics card I found that there's a little blue cable sticking out of the mother board that's preventing me from fully inserting the card. I think that this cable routes some kind of power to the front panel that has some more USB ports. Is there any way I can actually install this graphics card or am I needing to make a return trip to Best Buy to do a return?
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  1. Assuming the card isn't too large to fit between the back and the drive bays, you should be able to route the cable an alternate way, or unplug it from the mobo until you have the GPU securely placed in the pcie slot
  2. Thank you for your reply, is there anything I can do if there's not enough room between the motherboard and the card, or is that something I shouldn't really have to worry about?
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