HDMI monitor to VGA pc, how to connect?

Hi guys, Im slowly upgrading my tech from a new mouse to new keybaord to new monitor to a new computer. So I ordered an acer H236hlbid 23' monitor. I want to run Hdmi on it so it can show its true beatuy but I know I cant since my ancient pc only has a vga connector. Ive hear of converters but I dont really understand them. Is there a converter out there that can fit my needs? Thanks for any replies!
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    VGA works on analog signal whereas HDMI is digital only. You would require an active VGA to HDMI converter. It seems your monitor does have a VGA port. I would recommend to stick with that and do not go with a converter until and unless it is necessary as converter will not dramatically improve the quality of signal. If you want good quality imaging, you would require a GPU with HDMI output.
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