Looking for new gaming monitor: 1080p 144hz or 1440p 60 hz?

I'm buying a new graphics card (Gtx 980) and wanted to snag a new monitor with it. I'm really debating on whether I should get a 1080p 144hz monitor or step it up to 1440p? These are the two monitors I'm looking at:

1080p, 144hz:

1440p, 60hz:

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  1. GTX 980 on 1080p is overkill, get the 1440p. If you still want the 1080p monitor you might as well get a GTX 970 or even r9 290, the real world performance will be the same.
  2. Get the 1440p reason being is that when you are gaming the game looks beautiful and sharp. And when your video editing or doing simple work you can really see how a image will look or appear to others. And also more room for having your work and windows spread out!
  3. The two monitors you propose are designed to serve certain purposes.

    A 144hz monitor is most advantageous when used to play fast-paced racing games, shooters, and the like. This is because it will have low input lag and a high refresh rate, maximizing your reaction time and minimizing latency.

    The 1440p monitor displays a higher resolution than the 1080p monitor, but with slightly more latency. If you want the best graphical experience possible, you want this monitor, hands down. It will provide a sharper and more detailed image- the only difference is, it will be at 60fps, compared to the 144fps of the other monitor.

    Personally, I think you will gain much more from 1440p than 1080 regardless, because the benefits of higher resolution transcend gaming, and will improve your web browsing, photo viewing, and other daily experiences as well. Additionally, as HD movies begin to be offered at higher than 1080p, you will benefit from that as well.

    Unless you are a professional Counter Strike player, I would recommend 1440p over 144hz.
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    The choice is really a personal one. It depends on what you value the most and it isn't simply a matter of playing twitch vs slow paced games, though that does play a part. If you are going for a high hz monitor for high FPS, then a 980 is perfectly fine at 1080p. Both high FPS and high resolutions require more power from the GPU.

    It all comes down to these 2 questions, in my opinion:
    1) Do you prefer high FPS when gaming, and when you are not getting high FPS, do you turn down settings to get there? Do you value high responsiveness and smoothness over higher IQ settings? High FPS might be 80+ FPS. It is not necessary to have 144 FPS to make it worth using a 144hz monitor. If so, you probably will prefer the 1080 144hz monitor.
    2) Do you prefer maximum settings, and even when your FPS drops below 50, you will leave the settings as high as possible. Is maximum IQ more important than smooth, responsive game play? If so, 1440p at 60hz is likely for you.
  5. I own a 144hz 1080p and love it. I have never owned a 1440p, but for fast paced gaming (FPS, third person action, racing, etc) a 144hz will significantly improve your experience. Screen tearing is gone, latency is super low, and motion is extremely fluid. On the other hand, if you don't play fast games, or really care about color quality an IPS 1440p might be better. Just don't over look 144hz, it is pretty cool.

    P.S. 980 isn't overkill for 144hz, it takes more GPU power to get 144hz1080 than 60fps1440p
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