Monitor goes into Power saving mode after installing new GPU

I received an XFX radeon R9 290x for Christmas and had some troubles installing it. After enabling PCIe Gen3 in my BIOS, i was able to get it working. i install the latest drivers and restarted my PC. The PC started up, but after windows booted in, the monitor went into power save mode. My father and I spent hours looking for the problem in safe mode, but couldn't pin point it. we restarted and he let the PC boot up normally and for some reason, it started up just fine. I went on with my business. While playing Battlefield 4 on ultra settings, my PC restarted out of no where and now its doing it again and I dont know what to do. i cant roll back my drivers because the screen wont turn on and safe mod does not permit un-installation. I'm not as tech savvy as I once pretended i was. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Try connecting the monitor using other ports instead of hdmi. Sometimes Dvi will work even if HDMI doesnt. After that reinstall the graphics drivers and make sure you only have the one you want installed.
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