Monitor turns off after a couple minutes of PC use

the problem:
i've had my desktop for a good while now, meaning more then a year, and without changing anything my pc suddenly stops showing video, the audio seems to keep going for a minute or so then loops its self. i can restart my pc and everything seems to work for awhile but then it brakes again, meaning video stops and audio loops after a minute or two. everything is up to date, but i think my video card is going, anyone agree? or is it something else? BTW it doesn't matter what im doing after some time it brakes, gaming, watching youtube, anything really.

PC spec's:
Motherboard: MSI X58M
Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 560ti
Ram: 12gb
Windows 7
800w power supply
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    Very possible if you've eliminated the monitor itself being the problem. If you have a different card or monitor to try, you'd know for sure.
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