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  1. Anyone got benchmarks on the EVGA GTX Titan Z Hydrocopper edition? Been looking around for them and has only found announcement articles and no numbers.
  2. I would very strongly expect it to perform almost exactly like the EVGA Titan Z Superclocked as the clock and memory specs are almost exactly the same between the 2 cards, with the Hydrocopper being only slightly faster base/boost core clock speeds.
  3. Oh and do you think we'll ever see another X90 or will it just be something like the Titan Z Mark II? I think it would be preferable to just have two dual cards, one for the gamers and another for CUDA developers who need the double precision performance. Just base them off on the same die like they did with the 780/Ti and enable double float on one and disable it on the other. That way there is a cheaper dual card for gamers and another for developers who can't afford a quadro. (although the MSRP of the Titan Z did compete with quadros at that point)

    Come to think of it, a maxwell dual card would be beastly considering how cool the 980 runs. I think they could pull off a dual slot air cooled card and still have OC headroom. Unlike the 590 (and partially the 690) who failed to impress with the amount of headroom and voltage control.
  4. we could very well see one. Currently the only Dual GPUs nVidia do not compete against (Titan Z is too expensive, and 690 doesn't even come close) AMD's 295x/290x2, and Maxwell seems like a perfect candidate for a dual GPU.

    Besides, it's probably tempting to release a GTX 999 :D
  5. Would $850 be a good price to sell a new GTX Titan Black?
  6. Ehh, I mean they go for 1k. Probably 1k to sell it
  7. So, what do you guys predict for the gaming performance of the Titan X that was announced a mere few hours ago?
  8. I suspect something good in terms of workstations. It is based off the the new maxwel chip no?
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