I have a promblem with conectors. (Monitors output is DVI-D and Graphics card is DVI-I)

Basically this monitor was a really good deal but over looked the fact its DVI-D (Slash but no 4 dots) and my graphics card is DVI-I (Has 4 dots). I am currently using a VGA cable and wish to upgrade to the full HD monitor I have bought. Though it seems they don't make DVI-D to DVI-I cables. Are there any cables like this? I only see female/male adapters but I rather have a cable. Is this the only option?
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  1. You can't plug a DVI-I into a DVI-D slot but you CAN do vice versa.
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    Not to worry.

    There is no difference, at least for you.
    The 4 dots are the analog outputs if you have the need for such.
    What graphics card exactly are we dealing with?

    All you need is a dvi-d to dvi-d cable like this:

    Here is a more technical explanation.
  3. So a DVI-D cable works on a DVI-I slot?
  4. Yep
  5. Anencephalus said:

    I wish I could give you both the correct answer but he had a more detailed answer :(
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