Motherboard tier list: A85X chipset

A85X chipset:

A85X is the top of the line FM2 chipset. Pretty much the same as A88X in terms of features minus the PCIe 3.0 and AHCI/ RAID controllers, but that’s about it for the difference. The overall quality is high so the best FM2 boards are from this chipset. Look at tier description for more info.


Tier One: High quality. Great Crossfire capable boards with high quality thermals and good enough power phases to drive (and OC) any current FM2 CPU/ APU. Quality is high overall, and no known issues. The best FM2 boards on the market.



Tier Two: Fine quality. Decent board, no dual GPU support but is good enough to support all current APU/CPU on stock speeds atleast, some OCing potential as well. Quality is decent and no known issues.



Tier Three: Average quality. Ok quality board, not advisable for OCing but can run the CPU/APU with stock speeds. The VRMs are not heatsinked so get this only if you don’t have other choices.



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