Motherboard tier list: A55 chipset

A55 chipset:

A55 is strictly targeted at low-power, mainstream, and office uses, and really isn't that great for gamers and is a total non-option for enthusiasts. Starting with PCI-e spec, A55 is PCI-e Gen2 only with 16 lanes available for a single PCI-e device. No multi-GPU support is available.

I/O lacks SATA III support unless the board manufacturer has elected to install an aftermarket controller. The chipset natively allows for 6xSATA II 3Gbps ports alongside 0xUSB3.0, 14xUSB2.0, and 2xUSB1.1 ports. RAID options are limited to 0, 1, and 10.

A55 really is reserved for ultra-budget builds with very limited uses. A55 boards are easily the most affordable, but you won't be putting them through any enthusiast endeavors or throwing multiple cards in there.

This chipset has not been tiered since it does not offer any advanced features or quality in first place. All boards are average quality wise, not recommended for OCing but just fine with an APU, office use for example.


Tier One: Average quality.



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