Motherboard tier list: 990X chipset

990X chipset:

SLI capable boards with less PCIe lanes than big brother 990FX, this is the last natively SLI capable chipset for AM3+ CPUs in this list. 970 does have a couple SLI capable MoBos but the chipset itself doesn’t support it natively.

The Quality of boards is good, all have USB 3.0 and SATA3 ports. Read the Tier description for more info.


Red: MSI
Gold: ASUS
Black: EVGA


Tier One: Great quality. Very good quality thermals on VRMs and power phases, FX 9 is not supported but good enough for serious OCing on FX 8. SLI capable, it is a very high quality board.

M5A99X EVO (R2.0 as well)


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