Worth it to upgrade from 660 Ti SLI to GTX 980?

So the GTX 980 was released recently with the new architecture delivering new features and whatnots that the old cards do not offer,

however I am currently running two ASUS GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP in SLI on a 1920x1080 60Hz monitor (not planning to upgrade the monitor soon). the question is, is it worth the performance gains to upgrade from that SLI setup to a single 980 card? or should i wait for newer NVIDIA cards to be released next year?

(I use the computer for only gaming purposes)
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  1. Yep.
  2. okcnaline said:

    alright, can u please explain why it's worth upgrading to 980?
  3. Unless you're having trouble getting at least 50 FPS, I'd say no.
  4. It's not worth it unless you have a 144Hz monitor.
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    It will be when you upgrade your monitor, but then newer GPUs will be avalible.
  6. OK. I know DX12 is going to stack VRAM, however, older games, Witcher 3 and GTA 5 will not stack, they could but the developers would have to rewrite the entire engine. So that's never going to happen. Future DX12 games will be able to take advantage of stacking, again though, this is solely dependant on the developers and if they implement that within the game. On a different note, you'll only get 100% of all the benefits of DX12 with the new nvidia 900 series cards.If anyone tells you anything different to what I've said here then correct them, if they don't listen then forget them, they are full of bull.

    So to anyone out there who says don't upgrade yet, well, they obviously don't want to take full advantage of DX12, which is pretty dumb in my opinion.
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