Wanting to connect Matrox DH2G ME with DVI male to VGA female adapter

So I am wanting to get a Matrox DualHead2Go Mac Edition to connect my MacBook Pro to two external monitors. One of the monitors is an AOC LED monitor with VGA,HDMI,DVI connections,and the other monitor is a Curtis LED television with HDMI and VGA connection(no DVI connection). The Matrox DH2G ME connects to the computer through the thunderbolt connection,and then from the box to the two monitors it connects with DVI. Can I connect the Matrox box to the two monitors buy using the VGA outputs on the monitors and buying two DVI Male to VGA female adapters that would connect the monitors to the box?
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    No, it carries no analog signal so a simple dvi to vga adapter will not work you'd have to by an active converter(~$25). You best option would be to use DVI on the monitor and a DVI to hdmi cable or adapter for the tv..
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