i have 7 monitors that i will conect with one each monitor i want to play a different movies from the pc.the monitors ar

i want to conect a pc with 7 big screens with HDMi and in each of them i want to play a difrent video from that pc.lets supose that i have the 2 graphics cards with 4 ports DVI each so i can conect 8 DVI in that pc.can somebody help me how can i do this?i need smth specific because i know that i will use the screen resolution but i do not know how.

thank you
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    What is the native resolution of the screens you will be using? What video cards will you be using and with what power supply?

    As for the connection, you should be able to connect them and just set them up as separate monitors, choosing one to be your home monitor with the windows button, and you should be set.
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