Win 7 Boots from HDD even though a SDD is in boot priority in BIOS.

So here is the deal: I just bought a shiny new crucial SSD to add to my current desktop build. Win 7 was installed and booting from a TB HDD ,my only storage drive at the time, and I wanted to boot from my new ssd. I first backed up my install and all my data to an external drive, then I shrinked my data down so I could clone my install and some data onto the SSD, which I successfully did. Now, when I go into the BIOS on my ASUS M5A97, It shows that the ssd has the boot priority, but it boots from the hdd anyways. The Boot Priority is CD-ROM>SSD, and the HDD doesn't show up in EZ mode. The SSD is in the lowest numbered SATA port, if that helps. Should I just unplug the HDD Until I boot from the SDD?

EDIT: I tried unplugging the HDD and I get the message "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected Boot device and press a key"
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  1. Try swapping the HDD and SSD SATA cables over, then power it up.
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