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  1. If you have suggestions, please share it here.
  2. With all due respect since this meta sticky was created it has seriously limited the access to the 2 threads in the Information section of the meta sticky, simply because many users look on a meta sticky as past old information and don't even open it, and both those threads are not old information and are constantly updated!

    I know, I take care of updating the one I am responsible for, and I also know rubix_1011 keeps his work updated as well, because I've seen him do it.

    So I am formally requesting that "Water Cooling Information (This covers just about everything)" and "Air Cooling vs Water Cooling : Things You Need To Know", be moved back to mainstream overclocking stickies, so that this information can be easily found by forum members once again.

    Thank You! For this consideration. Ryan
  3. Wow posted the above 6 days ago and no response, if the creators don't pay attention to this type of meta sticky, do you really expect the mainstream of forum members to?

  4. Think you will find that the info thread is stickied to the main overclocking forum, the changelog has me doing it about 2hrs after your post.
    As for "Air vs Water", the point of this overall sticky was to reduce clutter, and I don't feel what is essentially an FAQ containing knowledge already in the info thread is worth having outside the meta-sticky.
  5. Well I'd love to have mine back out there, but at least rubix's work is back, that's better than nothing! Thanks

    My personal thoughts however is, I invested a lot of work in that thread!

    It contains more additional information than just what the water cooling sticky covers, and with all the work I invested in creating it, I do not appreciate it being tucked away in a corner somewhere!
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