forum replies a thing of the past?

I don't go on forums much, and this comment goes for any and all tech forums.
In the last 3 years, I've posted 3 questions here. They were looked at hundreds of times, but only a couple replied. And that's OK - I'm looking for free advice. And offering, at times.
I'm guessing that these sites burn out over time. Knowledgeable, helpful people get tired of answering questions. Many basic, or poorly worded, or repetitious. And it doesn't seem like newer people are taking their place.
Unfortunately, these forums are so helpful! We rarely get knowledgeable information in stores. And worse, we may get guesses passing for knowledge. And it's expensive to have things repaired.
Oh well - it was nice while it lasted. Facebook was once fun, too... But Tom's, and many other sites are such a great service. I thank you all! (because I'll need help again, I'm sure)
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  1. One of the two threads I can see made by you (can't see back to before the new forum software) looks like it was pretty well answered. The other you solved yourself.

    Last I heard our stats were still going up pretty fast, but occasionally you get stuff that slips through the cracks.

    Also, the best thing you can do to improve the forums is to award solutions when they work.
  2. then it is time for you to get in and help others with you knowledge we are never to many to help the others , i would be glad to count you in with me in this forum .
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    the tomshardware community is still going strong and as as SS noted our views and member count is rising rather quickly.

    also, as SS noted a few posts do slip between the cracks and some questions do get better responses than others however this is the nature of how forums work. everything depends on who sees your post and responds.

    it does get a bit repetitive to answer the same questions. new users would do well to do a forum search first to try and find similar posts an then comment in their question of those posts answered the question. however, such questions still do get responses albiet sometimes links to other forum threads, sites or a copy/pasted response. nontheless helpfull though.

    if it is a very common question we also create stickies to house all of the relevant knowledge so that users do not need to start as many questions for common issues. or, a few of us create guides. i myself am working on a headphone guide at the moment... with some more guides on soundcards and speakers hopefully to follow in the future. since we have been getting a rash of headphone questions lately we need some source of information for users to read first before asking questions.

    guides also help draw users in as well as experts. hence our community grows and grows
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