Issues with 60fps games on 120hz BenQ. Thinking of getting a 60hz Benq

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me / Give me some suggestions today :)

I own the old Counter Strike Edition of Benq's 120hz monitors, if I'm not wrong this was one of the first 120hz monitors that Benq made, The model number is XL2410T.

For most of my time with this monitor I have only really been honestly playing games that has 120hz support, However recently I've been playing games that has a 60fps lock on them, I'm having a very hard time playing the 60fps locked games because for some reason the games will feel super laggy and jittery and have annoying input lag. When I google this problem I see comments from owners of some of the other Benqs saying that a 60fps locked games should have no problems running on a 120hz monitor, So this almost leaves me to believe that the model I own for some reason doesn't enjoy anything under 120hz, Would anyone know why this might be the case? Perhaps some old technology? I have two gaming PCs, and it happens with both so that can rule out any problems there.

I've honestly been thinking of buying a 60hz BenQ from Amazon so I can play my 60fps locked games without any problems, I was just wondering if anyone might have an opinion on the matter, Our perhaps some solutions before I go out and pay money for it.

I would use the 60hz monitor for all 60fps locked games, And use my 120hz one for games that can go up that much.

Thanks :)
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  1. I think the response time of your monitor is high enough to cause this. Look for low response time like 2 ms or lower
  2. Change the refresh rate to 60Hz in windows then try it again if it still does it then I wouldn't have thought the monitor was the problem. Do you have the correct software for the monitor and do you have the monitor OSD set in games mode. Dell supersharp for instance games setting bypasses some of the hardware in the monitor that is for photo editing thereby improving the monitor response rate for games perhaps the BenQ does as well.
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