What is the best graphics card for 1080p gaming on a 144Hz monitor (no 3D)

I just want to upgrade my monitor from 1080p @ 60Hz to 144Hz. BenQ XL2420Z is what I'm looking at and wondering what graphics card is capable to power it for playing most games in this gen and next 2-3 years. I know that the graphics card have to produce decent fps to get the full benefit from such a monitor. I will not use 3D features. I have FX-8350 CPU with 990FX motherboard and 16GB of DDR3-1866 RAM and I may upgrade to i7 and Z97 if needed in the future.

So my question is what single graphics card is the best one I should buy now for my purpose and then add another one down the road for SLI/Crossfire as games demanding more graphics power. I'm OK with both Nvidia and AMD. I just want one that is more bang for my buck and would last me longer. The choices maybe GTX 780ti / 780 or R9 290X / R9 290 or any others? 280X is not my choice as I just sold my Toxic because I'm not satisfying its performance and it's less future proof comparing to 290X / 290 as well as a 770 from Nvidia comparing to 780ti / 780.

What are your suggestions? Very much thanks in advance. :D
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  1. The GTX 780 should be a great choice and a better value than the 780 Ti. (The 780 Ti is only 20% faster and about 40% more expensive.)
  2. The r9 290x is what you are looking for here... It has higher bus means better gaming performance on higher resolutions.... Also offers 1 gb VRAM more but the ram is clocked slower than the gtx 780.. So it's your choice here
  3. I think the GTX 780 is great but cannot overlook the R9 290 too. But I'm confusing about how memory bus and VRAM works. Does it matter only on high resolution? I mean what is more benefit? : to have more amount of VRAM or faster of them for getting more FPS. I'm only talking about 1080p not 1440p or 4K. I know that the 290 is great and outperform the 780 on higher resolution. But for 1080p what would be a better pick? I think most games will not use more than 3GB of VRAM @1080p for now but in next few years, what do you think? Getting a 290 will be more future proof or a 780 will be OK for a reasonable time. I know that nobody knows what future brings but I'm just asking for your opinion about this. Another thing to ask is, are we gonna see GTX 800 series coming out this year? Base on latest news and rumors they say that we would never see them out this year but then again, what do you think? :D
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    Either card is good for 1440p since they have at least 3 GB of VRAM. The GTX 780 uses less power and runs cooler. It has a host of Nvidia-exclusive features, such as PhysX, Shadowplay, HBAO+, just to name a few. AMD has Mantle, but Nvidia's latest R337 drivers counter it, though. The GTX 780 includes Watch Dogs for free in most retailers while the R9-290X includes three free games from a selection to choose from.
  5. Either R9 290 or GTX 780. Really depends on which features you prefer.
  6. If your still looking, I just picked up the ASUS R9 270 on Amazon for $119 after rebates. I was in same boat as single monitor 1080P gamer. The R9 280s are still in the low to mid $200 range, so not a good value any more. You might as well spend a little more and look at the GTX970 if your going to spend that much.
  7. I just recently get my self a GTX 970 that comes with 1 free game.(I picked Far Cry 4)
    I'd say I'm really happy with it and it was worth the wait since I posted this thread.
    Thanks all of you guys for your regard and by the way Happy New Year. :D
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