4 bay NAS that supports 2 disk in Raid1, then 2 separate drives


I'm wondering if there are any 4-bay NAS boxes (preferably Intel eg QNAP/Synology) that support 2 different setups. eg I'd like Raid1 on 2x 3TB drives, and then 2 separate drives either as individual or JBOD (I may not add the 2 separates until later as well). I asked StarTech about theirs but they only support one type of RAID per unit.

My other option was setting up something like Pogoplug with an enclosure. I don't need loads of fancy features, I just need a backup RAID1 2x 3TB for my important files, and then also be able to run Plex Media Server on it, & maybe forked-daapd.. and have a bunch of media files on the other 2 disks

thanks for any advice
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  1. I want to Synology should do that since its OS based as well as hardware based VS just being hardware based like some of these NAS's are.

    I plan on building a NAS as well. Gong to get an Embded board. Dual core celeron, just toss in 2 GB ram, Windows 7, and then move my Dell SAS 5 Card to that motherboard since it has a 16x PCIe slot in it and i don't have to break my raid doing so. You can get a Dell SAS 5 card pretty cheap online. Just get the SATA adapters for it. Even if you get SAS they will still work. Plan on getting a small case, a 2x5.25 bay drive that fits 3 hard drives and put my 3 2TB drives in there. Making a RAID 0 with two and the other by itself. Board is 55 bucks, Case is 105, Already have drives, PSU laying around ect. The enclosure though is like 60 bucks but i already have 2 5.25 bay enclosures that I will just use for now and just run the RAID 0. I need this beause i stream stuff to my XBox though the Media Center.
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