Monitor help - 24" 120hz 1080p or 27" 1440p

Hi there, first time I've ever posted on a forum but wanted to ask some advice form all you knowledgeable people :)
Have completed my first build and now looking for a new monitor, Currently using a Samsung T22C350 which is ok but would like bigger.

Have read that if you're going to go to 27" 1080p wont look great on a bigger screen especially if you're used to that res on a smaller screen?
So considering a 24" but as that's not all that much bigger would like some other advantage i.e higher refresh rate.

Running a i5-4570 with 8gb DDR3, 240gb SSD, and Nvidia GTX-660. H75 cooler

As far as I can see I would be able to use either screen with this setup? but wondered if anyone could help with any advice or problems that I may face? Is my system up to it?...... lol

PC is for general use and light gaming, mainly racing games, Dirt 3, Grid 2 etc

Many thanks in advance
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  1. more lines will make the picture look clearer at the same distance.

    also, 120Hz will make the roadway actually more visible than a 60. 60 is blurry and you don't get to see as much.
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    I own both a 27" 1080p 60Hz screen and a 27" 1440p 60Hz Screen. I know 120hz is a lot better but this is comparing resolutions first. With modern day games, 1440p looks much much better, you can tell the difference between 1080p vs 1440p, very noticeable. 60Hz vs 120Hz is also noticeable, with 120hz much more sharp and crisp. 27" 1080p monitors are fine, even if you have had a smaller screen before it won't effect you much, you may even prefer the larger screen (like me).

    From this, A 27" 1440p @ 60Hz screen is your best choice of monitor right now.
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