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It's a long story but i hope that you guys can help me. Here's the thing. My processor is an AMD APU. I used vga cable on my AOC 23" monitor before I changed to dvi-hdmi cable. When using vga cable i noticed that the picture and the text on the screen look blurry and not sharp. But then when i change the cable to dvi-hdmi cable, everything goes well. Few months after that i got myself radeon R9 270x and i used the dvi-hdmi cable on that GPU. Everything runs perfect until today. Suddenly, i can't open Catalyst control center. It says that something( i cant remember) has stopped working. I tried many things. I tried to update the graphic driver from AMD. I was using Catalyst 14.1 before i update to 14.4. From that moment, my screen looks blurry. I became panic so i uninstall the 14.4 graphic driver and install back the old driver that i download from sapphire website. I think the latest graphic driver from sapphire is not the same as the latest driver on amd website. However, that did not change anything. I still cant open CCC. Then, i uninstall catalyst driver manager in program feature, and reinstall everything but still, the problem havent been solved. Idk, i thought that by doing this 'uninstall reinstall' thing, the ATI and AMD files on my hard drive will be messed up, so the last thing i did was using amd cleanup utility and remove all AMD and ATI files then reinstall the graphic driver that i download from sapphire. Fortunately, this action solved my CCC problem. I now can open CCC but my screen still looks blurry like when i used the vga cable. I tried to unplug and plug back the dvi-hdmi cable but still the same. Fyi, my monitor and pc is only 3 months old and the monitor is always at its native resolution. My OS is Windows 8.1 64 bit. Please, i dont know what else to do. This blurry and fuzzy screen gives me a headache.
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  1. Is your monitor set to run at 60hz? You can probably set that at the same place you set the resolution.
  2. Yes, it is set at 60hz
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