Black Screen after waking from Sleep

Whenever I put my computer to sleep and awake it I am always greeted with a black screen. The comp is on and fans are running but its just black. If i turn the monitor on,off, and on again, I will get no a no signal display and the screen stays black. The only I can do is a restart or put the computer to sleep again using my keyboard and awaking it again (this method may take 4-5 tries of sleep/awake, sleep/awake, etc until it finally works as normal).
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  1. That's been pretty much every desktop system I've built or had. Despite Microsoft's protestations, and features within the OS, desktop machines really aren't built for sleep modes. Laptops generally do well, but I've yet to see a desktop do well with it.
  2. I have had mixed results on desktops as well, I do not know the cause.
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