Connect 2 monitors to a dell 6410 laptop with single vga connector and docking station

I have a dell E6410 laptop with a docking station. I am trying to connect 2 monitors- 1 through the VGA port on the laptop and 1 on the docking station. Do I need a splitter or something else hardware wise? I have done the Window "P" approach and hit Projector mode but that did not work. The Dell is running Windows 7 Professional.
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    I believe your laptop has a VGA port and a DisplayPort. You should be able to connect your monitors to these. You may need adapters.
  2. What is the model # of the docking station? It should have dual outputs right on it. Are you trying to use the laptop screen AND those two monitors? If so, that won't work. Almost all laptops are limited to two displays at a time.
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