PS4 + Macbook Pro or PS4 + Gaming PC

This summer i'm getting a ps4. But along the ps4, i don't know if i should get a 13' macbook pro retina display intel iris graphics or build a gaming pc with i7-4770 and gtx 770. So which one should i get?

Thanks in advance

PS: Both options cost about the same in my country, and if i were to build a gaming pc this is the one
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  1. i would not pick mac for gaming, i'd rather spend the money on a gaming rig. but if not for gaming, then it's your call really
  2. I realized i wasn't clear in my question. I'm already getting a ps4 for gaming, is it worth getting a gaming pc too (i'd find the games for much cheaper) or should i get a macbook pro? I'm really stuck on this question
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    For gaming = gaming PC
    For other work = mac

    as simple as that.
  4. Thanks. I guess i'll build a gaming pc since i've always wanted to build one, and maybe a few years later i'll get a mac.
  5. Glad i could help.
  6. 2 b hoest if i wer u id not bother with the ps4 or macbook and just get a gaming pc :)
  7. I dont see why you would get a ps4 if you had a gaming pc the games are so much cheaper. Btw buy a 2x4gb kit of ram it will be cheaper than buying 2 sticks alone and also consider the 4770k so you can overclock. My last gripe is your putting a top of the line rig in a 200r. I like the 200r for the money but check out the fractal cases, nzxt cases and some of the other corsair cases
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