Can a single gtx780 or 780ti handle old and future games at max on the new lg 34um95 3440x1440 display

A new 1440 60hz monitor with 5 ms response time will be realeased soon in Australia just in time for my new build . I haven't got anything but I was wondering if I get this monitor would a single 780gtx run games smoothly with high fps and at Max? Or would you recommend a ti? ... Also what CPU would I need to not bottle neck it?
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  1. A 4670K or AMD 8350 is fine for the CPU and for the Graphics both the 780 and 708 ti work
  2. Max settings? No. Neither gtx 780ti or gtx 780. They will perform well at that resolution (medium to very high detail settings), but not enough to max all games. At that resolution, a gtx 780ti or 290x makes sense since its demand is beyond the ability of gtx 780 or 290 and i5 4670k or better will be enough.
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    No, the 780Ti is enough for most games excluding Crysis 3 and few others. It is a powerful card and only falters when it comes to 4k. 1440p is fine with a 780Ti.
  4. Overclocking will also help alot with frame rates at 1440p
  5. Neoaculus said:
    Overclocking will also help alot with frame rates at 1440p

    sorry for really really late reply , I somehow didnt see the notifications lol !
    so a 780ti in that montor would run good yeh? i hope so !!
  6. THat or an AMD 290X
  7. Any update on this? I'm wondering the same thing.
  8. It will not run all games on max settings, even with a GTX980. the 34UM95 is not 1440p, this is a 21:9 ratio; much harder to run than a 1440p
  9. It most definitely won't run future games on max or settings probably a mix of medium and high that resolution is almost as demanding as 4k
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